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Frequently Asked Question

Sales FAQ

1. What type of payment method do you accept?

We accept PayPal as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

2. How long does it take to get a server online after submitting payment?

Instant Dedicated Servers: Your OS install is started immediately after payment and typically delivered within 1 hour. If you have not received your server within 1 hour please contact

Custom Dedicated Servers: Customer servers are typically delivered within 24 hours of payment.

3. Do you provide a network uptime SLA?

Yes, we provide 99.9% network uptime SLA. For each hour that our network is unavailable, we will credit your monthly fee by 5% per hour. (up to 50% credit in a billing cycle)

4. Do you provide hardware replacement SLA?

Yes, we provide a 2 hour SLA on hardware replacements. If it takes us longer than 2 hours, we will credit your monthly recurring cost by 5% per hour, up to 50% of your monthly recurring cost.

5. What kind of support do you offer?

All servers come unmanaged. However for any hardware related issues, we will replace it per our Hardware Replacement SLA. For any non-hardware related issues, we charge $20 per 15 minutes during normal business hours, and $80 per hour during non-business hours.

6. What are your suspension and cancellation terms?

Any unpaid service will be suspended on the 4th day of non-payment and cancelled on the 7th. Any unpaid server may be erased and not recoverable after cancelled.

7. How do you provide support?

In the event you need to contact us regarding your service, simply e-mail or . Our support department is staffed 24/7 and on average responds within 15 minutes.

8. How much bandwidth comes with each server?

Every server comes with 10 TB on a 1 Gbps connection.

9. If I or my customer is listed on Spamhaus.org, can I utilize a Server Stadium server?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We absolutely do not allow anyone who is listed in http://www.spamhaus.org, to use our servers. We will immediately terminate the server without prior notification if you use our server. Or if you cause our IP to be listed in http://www.spamhaus.org, we will also immediately terminate your server without notice.

10. Is there any discount for renting multiple servers?

Yes! See our reseller program here

Setup/Reinstall FAQ

11. Is there a cost to setup software RAID?

If the server contains 2 disks and supports software raid you can request a KVM to manually install with software raid.

12. If I have KVM/IP with media support, can I install my own OS?

Yes, our KVM/IP supports remote media to install any OS of your choice.

Upgrades FAQ

13. If I want to upgrade a server, is there a setup fee?

All upgrades come at one-time setup fees. See our upgrades page at https://serverstadium.com/upgrade.php

14. If there is an upgrade fee, is it easier to cancel my current server and order a new server?

This is the easiest way to change or upgrade a server.

Technical FAQ

15. Are there any tools we can use to check Server Stadium network?

Yes, it is on: http://tools.serverstadium.com/. You can test download, trace route, ping, check peering ASN, and speed testing.

16. What happens if my server gets DDOS or attacked in anyway?

If an IP on your server gets an attack, we will immediately null route the attacked IP for 24 hours. After 24 hours we will un-null route your IP and if the attack persists, we will null route it again for another 24 hours until the IP is no longer being attacked.

17. If I have many servers with you and 1 of my server gets a large DDOS that negatively affects the network, will only 1 of my server that gets DDOS gets terminated or will all of my servers be terminated?

First of all, if the DDOS attack does not affect other customers, then your server will not be terminated. We only terminate server if the DDOS attack affect other customers in our data center. Having said that if you are a reseller, then we will only terminate the server that is causing issue to our datacenter. But if this keeps on happening with most of your clients then we will discontinue your reseller status and ask you to move to other hosting provider. If you are an end user, then we may terminate all of your servers. Our goal is to provide screaming fast and stable network. Anyone who causes problem to our network/datacenter will not be tolerated.

18. If I have a hardware issue with my server, what will you do?

We will replace the problematic hardware. However, if your server is still not accessible, then we will setup a new server and mount the original hard drive as a secondary or connect it via USB until you move all the data to the new server, at which time we will take off the old hard drive. There is no support fee to replace faulty hardware.

19. What is the cost for additional IPs?

Cost of adding IP after the server is online are as follows :
* Additional 5 IPs is $10/mo
* Additional 13 IPs is $26/mo
* Additional 29 IPs is $58/mo

20. What should I do if I want to setup reverse DNS?

Please e-mail for this request. Its free of charge :)

21. How can I test Server Stadium's speed?

Speed test: http://tools.serverstadium.com/speed
Download: http://tools.serverstadium.com/download/200mb.zip

22. If I have many servers at Server Stadium and only 1 of my server is violating Server Stadium Terms of Service, will all of my servers be affected?

No. Only the server that is violating our TOS is affected.

23. I have many servers with Server Stadium and one of my customer does not pay. So I cannot pay that particular server. Will all of my other servers be affected?

No. Only the server that is not paid will be terminated.